Fullips was founded by Linda Gomez, developer of the original Fullips enhancement tool.

Linda’s message: “Fullips came about because, like many women, my face changed as I grew older.  With aging, we experience many physical changes, including thinning lips.  I was looking for a way to help them look fuller and developed Fullips, a patent pending, small self-suction device to help women achieve a better lip line and fuller lips.  After lots of experimenting and using my little enhancer for years, I decided to market Fullips, hoping it would be useful to other women.”


Fullips is distributed in South Africa by Pink Distribution, an authorized Fullips reseller.


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  1. Hi
    Can I only buy this online or do you stock this is a shop. I’m from Pretoria- please let me know.
    Erna Bruwer

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